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Day 4 – New York City

Central Park is truly a gorgeous place. An inspiring environment – relaxing and yet busy at the same time. We arrived for lunch time and walked about half of the park. Mitch and me hired a boat on the lake, and with my great nautical skills I managed to ground the boat on a few occasions.

Our picnic consisted of pretty much everything I was looking forward to eat in North America – Pretzel M&Ms, Cheetos with that unhealthy-looking colouring, and Mountain Dew.

We finished up at the park, and proceeded down Fifth Avenue. Had to check out the cube Apple shop. As we walked down Fifth it started to rain, bringing on that familiar smell of rain on warm tarmac.

Attended the NY Mets game at Citi Field against Washington Nationals. The journey to Queens allowed us to view those iconic abandoned warehouses, baron yet bought to life by thousands of litres of carspray in the form of graffiti.

The atmosphere at the game was great – constant advertisements, competitions. We witnessed, with pretzel and hot dog in hand what turned out to be a slow thrashing from the Nationals. Ah well.