O Canada… where do I start with Canada? I was quite the geek as a young child (still a geek!). I remember playing with my GeoSafari quiz cards; with maps of the Soviet Union, flags of the world… but one quiz card that sticks in my mind was the North America quiz. This vast country called Canada, that shares the same head of state as my country. What a strange name Newfoundland is! Just a few things that left an impression on me which has kept a quiet obsession with the place as I grew up.

I first visited Canada back in 2007 for just a couple of days, on a short trip from New England. My dad and I were on a coach-load of music retailers, and we all drove up to New Brunswick to visit the Sabian cymbal factory at Meductic (that place really is a beautiful part of the world). I got my picture next to a Trans-Canada Highway sign (I was listening to a lot of Boards of Canada at the time), stayed a night in Fredericton, and we were on our way back to the border.

I woke up one morning in 2011 with the urge that I must fulfil my Canadian dream. So I got planning, and spent nearly six weeks there in 2012, travelling between Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Canada is inspiring to say the least. It really has made an impression on me, to the extent that I would love to relocate there. Go and take a look through the hundreds of photos and days upon days of entries in my blog about Canada!