About Unexploded

Hey, thanks for taking a look around my blog!

About me

I’m Ritchie, and with the limited time and money I have, I try my best to see as much of the world as I can. I’m not your typical explorer – I don’t always check in to hostels (sometimes you just can’t beat the comfort of a hotel!), and whilst I love culture and weird destinations I can be a sucker for touristy places, too!

Particular places have fascinated me since I was very young – I’ve got distant memories of playing with my GeoSafari – studying maps of North America in awe , playing quizzes with flags and capitals. And now I’m in my twenties, with responsibilities and trying to earn a living, I’ve finally decided to do something about my passion to see the world. It can be tough, with work and the other inconveniences of being a ‘grown up’, but you are of course only here once.

About my travel blog

The idea of a travel blog was born from when I visited Canada in the summer of 2012 with my good friend Mitch. My other half couldn’t come with me, but she gave me some cool-looking note pads to write up my travels in. So I did that, and originally published them on my Tumblr.

I decided to use my domain ‘unexploded.net’ (which has been sitting around for years, originally dreamed up as a music project which never happened). So, Unexploded Unexplored was born.

My blog, if you can call it that (just a collection of photos, maps, audio recordings with the odd journal entry), is kind of retrospective in a way. I’ve published photos and journal entries from times past, which I hope will inspire other travellers and also to serve me as a reminder of the places I’ve visited (my memory is terrible!).

As you can see from the places I’ve been, package holidays aren’t my thing (though I do like the odd beach holiday now and then). I instead like to see interesting places, dabble in the local customs and speak to the people who inhabit such places.

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