Day 4 – Skagaströnd

The day before, I had a look through the entire collection of leaflets under the coffee table. There was one in German, talking about Skagaströnd. Turns out the rock formation behind our cabin is a great nature walk that skirts the sea. So we made our last day a walk. We didn’t realise how close we were to the sea – just a minute walk led us to a beautiful rocky cove.

The views were great – the snow-capped, mountains crept above, and there were cliffs and rocky beaches facing the Greenland sea. It was pretty cold, but the winter sun coloured the landscape.

Through there were signs informing us about the sealife. I got the feeling this area barely attracted any tourists. Its walkways were hardly worn. We could walk freely over the spongey moss that is so prevalent particularly in this part of Iceland.

The walk is only a few kilometres at most. And we finished by the area where fish processing seemed to, or had, occurred. Typical of a sea-side factory- old machinery, even cars, left to wither in rust outside in the elements. Still, no litter. I took some pictures of the weird murals – one of a man with glasses, one of an older sea-faring man with his weathered face.

The day was clear, which made me hope for a spectacular this evening… but no, no northern lights.

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