Day 17 – Vancouver

Today was Gay Pride, or Pride as it is called here. Hosted on Davie St., the West End and queer capital. The zebra crossings had been painted rainbow colours and pride flags draped everywhere. Now, Pride’s not really for me, so we decided to go to English Bay to sunbathe. English Bay is at the bottom of Davie St. so you could hear everything going on. It sounded like fun to be fair!

It was a scorcher – easily 30ºC. Not a cloud. We sunbathed from about 10-1pm, had a little bathe in the sea, which discoloured my shorts and called it a day in the afternoon. By then, the parade had just finished and various straight, gay, lesbian, disfigured, disabled, transvestites; people just having fun, were making a slow walk back to wherever they started out from.

Nipple tassels and leather aside, it appeared to be a good parade, and in all fairness, good on ‘em.

I think I may regret staying in that sun for so long…

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