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Day 2 – New York City

Well it’d be rude if we didn’t have our first breakfast in New York at a diner. I had a stack of pancakes, Mitch had a waffle. Absolutely huge!

After breakfast, we had a look around some shops, including Macy’s. Like every other department store I’ve visited, the women’s section encompasses four floors, the men’s stuck in a corner somewhere.

We visited the Empire State Building, too. Truly the epitome of New York and American Imperialism; huge, powerful and appealing. Gorgeous Art Deco architecture. Queued for ages, and would you believe, someone next to us in line was from the same town as us. Can’t escape the shithole!

After plenty of walking around, we stopped at Dallas BBQ on Broadway. I’ve never seen a place like it. It’s a restaurant the size of a warehouse, with elevators. And the size of the meals…