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Day 7 – Reykjavík

Our last day in Iceland. There’s one more thing I want to check out before we leave, which is the Perlan, or Pearl. Perlan is a water storage facility which supplies Reykjavík hot water. No cisterns or boilers required. Piped straight from a geothermal source, the trade off is that the water smells of eggs, which I guess is from the sulphur.

We caught the 18 bus from Hlemmur bus station. It’s only 3km out, if that. But it’s uphill and thought it was an excuse to use the public transport. It’s an ace building, which includes a panoramic viewing platform which offers views all around Reykjavík.

We walked back, past the pond and the Althing. We found a fish and chips restaurant right at the edge of town by the harbour. Pretty good! The chips were more like wedges, the fish in a spelt wheat batter. The onion rings were phenomenal! Most of the sauces were Skyr-based.

As we ate a lot, quite late, and were tired, we concluded our visit by staying in and eating Icelandic junk – cheese puffs, chocolate, massive cinnamon swirls and 500ml cans of Pepsi. Don’t want to eat sugar again!