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Day 3 – New York City

On Sunday we caught the sub to the Museum of Modern Art. I’m one of those who loves some of it and hates most of it. The first piece of artwork we looked at was a map of the world, which had been hand-embroidered by Afghanis. Me having a thing for maps, I touched it didn’t I – and received a stern telling off from the security. There were some great pieces there, particularly work influenced by type. Most of it, to me, could’ve been sold in Ikea.

We then proceeded to the Museum of Natural History. We overshot 81st Street and somehow ended up in Harlem. I think, during the whole trip, that’s the only time it felt a little uneasy. Anyway, because of our mistake, we got there in the end, but with just an hour to spend walking around. What we saw was ace though.

I really wanted to go to some of the jazz clubs in NYC, and were recommended to have a look around Bleecker St. Well, we walked around for hours and couldn’t find one place. It was getting late, and we ended up in Little Italy somehow. We sat down at the worst fucking restaurant there. It was a shit-tip. Our drinks got slammed down on the table and spilled everywhere, but you know what, that’s exactly what we were hoping to see – being talked to like shit by an Italian-American! All good fun!