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Day 19 – Vancouver

Recently, Mitch and me walked into one of the Roots shops in Vancouver and started speaking to an ex-pat who works there. Cassie recognised our accents and offered to take us to Granville Island. So last night we went there, had a few tasty Ales (Granville Island Brewing and Red Truck!) and had a walk around there at night. Granville Island is a reclaimed peninsula, originally housed industry but what is now a cool shopping area, with a famous market and plenty of art space. It looks very dockyard-esque, with the fisherman lamps and corrugated steel buildings.

We committed to go and have a look around Granville market and the rest of the island in the day time, and we did just that the next day. The market was brill – full of native foods, real cheese (not that plasticy shit stuff), nice teas, bacon doughnuts… yes, bacon doughnuts. I bought one – it was covered in maple icing with four small rashers of bacon. I got half way through and had to tap out. In a weird way it wasn’t too bad; two food stuffs that should never be united into one delicacy actually worked. But it was the smell of bacon fat with doughnut that ruined it for me.

The day after was Mitchell’s last day on our adventure. We went to Denny’s to watch Mitch drink a coke float,  and took the monorail to YVR to see him off. It was a bit of sad moment as it bought our journey together to an end. And what a great one it has been so far!