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Day 38 – Homebound

The day I go back home. I cooked myself some pancakes and bacon, swimming in maple syrup – an appropriate breakfast and a good nod to this fantastic country.

I was pretty much packed, though my suitcase managed to gain two kilograms over night.

My plan for the day was to eat some delicacies I hadn’t got round to. So I had a Vera’s burger for lunch, which was immense. Then, after sitting round in the Pacific Centre for hours with my luggage (plenty to do but with a suitcase of 23Kg, it was hard to get around with), I went to the food hall to eat poutine. This is a Quebec dish which is pretty much cheesy chips in gravy. It’s cheese curds, which sounds revolting as it’s soured milk, but it was actually really nice. For my own future reference, I ate it at New York Fries in the mall, and had the pulled pork poutine.

I took the SkyTrain to the airport and it started to set in how much I’m going to miss this place. It sounds pathetic but at the airport I felt really emotional. Vancouver is comfortable, in a good way, and felt right. Mixed with going back to work, which sucks, and a town which offers little. But then, I was thinking of how much I miss Chloe and my family.

When I was in the mall having to wait for time to pass by (such an unfortunate thing to be doing in such a great city), and thinking how I really could stay here for a lot longer, someone passed by with a vest saying ‘Jus’ liv’ it”. I’m only here once, but I’m in love, and the thought of seeing my family just a couple of times a year is a tough prospect.

So at this point, I want more from Canada, and though I don’t want to give up on that thought, whilst being realistic at the same time, I’ve had an incredible journey for nearly six weeks, spread across this huge beautiful continent. I’ve done some amazing things, that some many never have the opportunity to do. But for me, some of the most simple activities were the most impressive. For example, driving for hours to Banff and seeing miles of natural beauty. Or standing in Stanley Park, as the nine o’clock gun fires, as Vancouverites are jubilant, I was taking photos of their beautiful city at night.

The flight home was full of highs and lows. I sat by the window on a full aeroplane, the two people sat next to me were asleep all the way through the nine hour flight. I was desperate for a piss and couldn’t get out for one. We flew over the coast of Greenland in the morning which was an amazing sight to behold. I had boiling coffee spilt over me by the person next to me, all over my brand new Hollister camel chinos. Flew over London in the morning and could see the newly-completed Shard so close. And then best of all I had my Chloe waiting for me at the airport – (though I couldn’t find her for ages). I was very sad and very happy, tired, relieved from a very full bladder, and covered in coffee.

Day 19 – Vancouver

Recently, Mitch and me walked into one of the Roots shops in Vancouver and started speaking to an ex-pat who works there. Cassie recognised our accents and offered to take us to Granville Island. So last night we went there, had a few tasty Ales (Granville Island Brewing and Red Truck!) and had a walk around there at night. Granville Island is a reclaimed peninsula, originally housed industry but what is now a cool shopping area, with a famous market and plenty of art space. It looks very dockyard-esque, with the fisherman lamps and corrugated steel buildings.

We committed to go and have a look around Granville market and the rest of the island in the day time, and we did just that the next day. The market was brill – full of native foods, real cheese (not that plasticy shit stuff), nice teas, bacon doughnuts… yes, bacon doughnuts. I bought one – it was covered in maple icing with four small rashers of bacon. I got half way through and had to tap out. In a weird way it wasn’t too bad; two food stuffs that should never be united into one delicacy actually worked. But it was the smell of bacon fat with doughnut that ruined it for me.

The day after was Mitchell’s last day on our adventure. We went to Denny’s to watch Mitch drink a coke float,  and took the monorail to YVR to see him off. It was a bit of sad moment as it bought our journey together to an end. And what a great one it has been so far!